CJ Affiliate Program Case Study: 57% Year over Year Revenue Growth of a Mature Affiliate Program

Hey there! Thanks for taking a look at our latest CJ affiliate program case study. In this affiliate program growth case study, an ecommerce company in the auto industry, you will see impressive year over year revenue growth in a post-pandemic environment. This particular affiliate program grew tremendously during the pandemic, as most ecommerce website’s surged in activity in 2020. So it’s that much more impressive to keep the revenue growing at a 57% year over year rate in 2021.

Impressive CJ Affiliate Program Growth
Impressive CJ Affiliate Program Growth

As you can see, revenue has been up nicely most of 2021 as compared with 2020. This was achieved by increasing the following KPIs in the affiliate program:

  • October 2021 had the most individual producing affiliates of any month in the history of the affiliate program
  • October 2021 had the most individual traffic/click producers in the history of the affiliate program.
  • October 2021 had the most individual activity producers in the history of the affiliate program.

These are some of the main KPIs we look to grow over time. If these KPIs are growing over time, the sales and revenue will positivity correlate to it, thereby increasing the overall revenue the affiliate program is producing for the company.

CJ Affiliate Network Managed by the Best OPM
CJ Affiliate Network Managed by the Best OPM

Also, as a really nice added aspect to the performance of the affiliate program on CJ, the client’s average order value has increased a nice 18.8% year over year, which means people are spending more that were referred by affiliates. Which is another affiliate program KPI you want to monitor and increase over time.

I think you will agree, these are some impressive affiliate program growth results that can be achieved for your company as well. If you are interested in growing your company’s affiliate program to new heights, recruit new affiliates into your affiliate program, or launch a new affiliate program, contact Experience Advertising to help you achieve that faster than any other OPM or agency is able to, bar none.

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