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Content Creator
Content Creator

Let’s kick off this conversation with a couple of salient facts. Retail ecommerce is expected to reach 4.9 trillion U.S dollars worldwide, and predicted to grow 50% within the next four years!

Furthermore, 4.46 billion people use social media platforms on our planet and given that there are only 7.9 billion men, women and children on Earth, it’s hard to imagine any brand not looking to actively connect and collaborate with a variety of social media influencers.

However, this sea of opportunity requires a good map, route and compass.  An old saying states: If you don’t have a destination, you will likely not get there! To plot your course toward maximizing your affiliate campaigns, you will need the right navigation tool to move you swiftly and carefully toward your destination. With at the helm, your journey to finding quality influencers has never been so easy.


Let’s take a moment and define the term social media influencer. A social media influencer is an individual who utilizes social media platforms to share their opinions and experiences with an audience of social media followers.  These content creators have access to a large and engaged online audience, often across several social platforms.  Social media influencers can persuade others to follow their lead by recommending products and brands they have tried and want to talk about.  Social media influencers often partner with companies to promote products or services to their followers in exchange for monetary compensation, free products, or discounts.


In the modern digital world, social media reach is power! The people with the most followers on Twitter, for example, have a massive platform to share their opinions, while those with relatively large and engaged followings on Instagram are an advertiser’s dream sponsor partner.  Here’s a list of some top influencers accounts from a year ago.  You may not recognize any of their names.  But they all have hundreds of million followers, and that’s not a typo . . . millions!

  • @cristiano.
  • @selenagomez
  • The Kylie Jenner on Instagram.
  • @ Leo Messi
  • Kendall Jenner.
  • Eldon Jaggerr.
  • Queen Bey on twitter.
  • I’m Billy, the famous person I am…
  • Ariana Grande on Twitter


Finding influencers to recruit to your affiliate program can be like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. Or, you can find an experienced, well established search tool such as to find Influencers and help you set that course to success. knows these waters and will get you matched up with influencers that complement your brand, products or services. 

In your search for potential social media influencers, here are some facts you need to gather:

  • Number of followers – in combination with other factors it’s very important.
  • Audience – 10,000 followers is nice, but are they the right audience for your products?
  • Is the following a good choice for your brand? Optics good?
  • Engagement – Are people engaging and what are they saying? Good vibe?

If the influencer agrees to partner with you, the next step is creating an agreement. Here are some of the things the agreement should consider:

  • Payment/commission terms
  • Goals/targets laid out
  • Description of the agreed work to be done
  • Rules to be followed (e.g., mention affiliation, compliance with FTC)
  • Description of campaigns
  • Length of contract
  • Confidentiality and exclusivity

Once signed, it’s time to time for analytics and assessing the ROI. This is not a carefree process. Real time actionable data and feedback will help you steer your affiliate program to success.  Sign up for FREE 14-Day access to to avoid being lost in the sea of huge opportunities.

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