Ecommerce Marketing Agencies: Understanding the Difference Types and Services

Ecommerce marketing agencies can do a lot for their clients. Deciding what type of advertising your ecommerce business or brand needs, however, can require learning a little more about what it is that these agencies do and the specific types of services they provide. Keep reading to learn more about some of the different kinds of ecommerce marketing and the services you may need for your ecommerce business.

What does an ecommerce marketing agency do?

Broadly speaking, an ecommerce marketing agency will help an online retailer reach their goals and grow their business. But what does that actually mean? The results that can be seen after partnering with a marketing agency will be as unique and specific as those goals and growth benchmarks themselves. Driving more converting traffic, growing an audience through social media, reaching out to potential customers in meaningful ways, and encouraging brand loyalty are just some of the common aims of ecommerce marketing. When marketing is effective, brands of all sizes can see more site/store visitors, more purchases, more profits, and a greater ROI on their advertising dollars. A good marketing agency will work with a business to come up with an individual plan of action to best meet their marketing needs and goals.  

What are the different types of ecommerce marketing?

A marketing plan should be tailored to best fit the needs of a business. There are different types of ecommerce marketing, from newer trends to strategies that have been around for years. Good ecommerce marketing is a blend of creativity, technology, marketing knowledge, and attunement to the needs of each client. Ecommerce professionals use specific skills to advertise products, design and improve websites, create advertising content and optimized copy, and reach the right consumer audience within an industry or niche. Some agencies may specialize in one area of online marketing, while others may provide several types of advertising. A good agency will be able to assess the needs of a business, using the types of advertising that make the most sense for that business’s products, audience, and budget. A good agency will keep ROI in mind, focusing effort where it will be most effective. Below are some of the ways ecommerce agencies can reach more customers, improve conversion rates, and increase the ad spend to revenue ratio. 

Performance Marketing

This type of digital marketing includes affiliate marketing, affiliate recruiting and marketing, and customer referral programs. There are two main benefits to using these types of marketing: 1. Affiliate marketing is performance-based (meaning affiliates have to deliver results) and also taps into the affiliate’s existing audience, and 2. Affiliate and customer referral programs are a great type of word-of-mouth advertising, one of the oldest and most effective ways of growing a customer base and inspiring consumer confidence. A marketing agency can help you build an affiliate program from the ground up or revamp your affiliate program, helping it to perform better through effective affiliate management techniques. Affiliates and customer referral programs alike are active across all industries, in every niche, and can be as large or small a group of active publishers as your goals require.   

Paid Media

Pay-per-click advertising (Google Ads especially), Facebook Ads, and other Programmatic advertising are among the paid media options for ecommerce marketing. Each business has a target audience — it’s ideal consumers. A business will pay for each click that an ad receives, but these ads are designed so that each click is more likely to be profitable than ads directed at a less-targeted audience. Paid media ads are great because they can be used to reach a precise segment of online users. Consumers can be reached based on their demographics, their online shopping history, their interests, etc. These ads are effective because they reach the people they’re made for — the folks who are most likely to want what’s being advertised. By reaching the right audience, these ads can be more effective in sending shoppers back to a website or ecommerce store.

SEO and Content Marketing

The online world thrives on activity, relevance, and change. In other words, you don’t want any of your online platforms to remain stagnant. Whether it’s a website, a store, or a social media page, these platforms require frequent and high-quality content updates. Whether it’s new products with optimal product descriptions, informative website content, social media posts that are engaging and on-brand, or another type of SEO content, these posts are designed to build brand relevance and visibility for search engines and audiences alike. SEO and content advertising is a favorite among marketers because each post is paid for once but has the potential to return on that investment many times over — one post can draw new eyes to your social media page or website again and again over days, weeks, and months, effectively driving free traffic over time.    

Conversion Rate and Website Services

One of the primary goals of ecommerce marketing is to drive traffic. A website or online store is usually the final destination for that goal. But once the shoppers are there, the job isn’t done. They still must be able to easily navigate the site and make that purchase, sign-up, or leave their info. Generating more leads, sign-ups, and sales is always easier with a well-performing website. A glitchy or outdated site may dissuade shoppers from purchasing, but an optimized website will make the conversion process as seamless as possible. A good ecommerce agency won’t forget this crucial piece of the online shopping puzzle and will be able to optimize a site or store so that more visitors become customers, subscribers, and repeat visitors.  

Ecommerce brands and businesses of all sizes have found that partnering with experienced ecommerce marketing agencies can lead to more revenue-generating results they’re looking for, with less hassle than handling marketing in-house.

Ecommerce Marketing Agencies

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