Find and Recruit Web Publishers to Monetize Your Online Ad Campaigns

Where are the publishers you’re looking for? If you want to start an affiliate campaign, work with influencers, and try some highly effective ways of advertising to a new audience, content creators and online publishers are who you need to link up with. Monetizing online ad campaigns has become more strategic and multi-faceted with the growth of affiliate and influencer advertising. Ads can be as specific and targeted as you want. Audiences can be reached where they spend the most time online and advertised to in a way that prompts them to take action. And that’s your goal. Because you want your ad campaigns to be top-notch and noticed, but even more than that, you want them to inspire a good percentage of the campaign’s audience to act. A target audience that takes action means more quality site visitors, more subscribers, more downloads, more leads, and more sales. That makes for a well-monetized ad campaign. The best online publishers for your brand can be partnered with to increase your conversion rate and your marketing ROI.

Publishers Can Increase Sales

When you’re thinking about purchasing a product or service, what do you do first? If you’re like the majority of today’s shoppers, you will look it up online. Sometimes it’s straight to the reviews. You look for recommendations and how it looks and works in real life. And that’s where publisher marketing really shines. Affiliate marketers, influencers, bloggers, and other content creators are active on the most popular social media platforms – and they share and promote products and services there every day. Publisher marketing lets you incorporate reviews, demonstrations, videos, photos, and unique ad concepts to reach your desired audience and let them see that your brand is the one they want. 


Content Creators Can Create Profits

Advertising with web content creators, influencers, and affiliate publishers allows your ad campaigns to have the most impact on the right audience. Not only can you target a group of consumers by age, location, interests, and more, you can work with brand partners to reach these people authentically. Instead of impersonal, generic adds, you can work with content creators to really connect with your audience. Engaged audience members are more likely to take that next step – clicking on the link, going back to your site, making a purchase. Fostering brand loyalty and growing a community of followers can be possible through publisher marketing and high-performing affiliate programs.

The Best Affiliates and Influencers Can Mean Maximum ROI Online publishers like affiliates and influencers can be used to make your advertising campaigns as profitable as possible. And these publishers are found on platforms like,, Rakuten/Linkshare, and But finding the best affiliates, influencers, and publishers is easier than ever when you use Publisher Finders. We’ve created a simple tool that lets marketers and affiliate program managers search for and recruit high-quality publishers across many industries and niches. Finding and connecting with the content creators you need to monetize your ad campaigns is easy when you sign up for a free trial. Try it now or contact us for more information.

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