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Find and Recruit Web Publishers to Your Affiliate Program on ShareASale

As an affiliate program manager, it is your responsibility to find and recruit new web publishers to the affiliate program that you manage. Recruiting new web publishers is one of the best ways to help companies expand their customer reach. Affiliate web publishers can be extraordinarily effective at promoting partner products and boosting sales and ROI. By reaching a wider audience, the likelihood of gaining new website leads and sales increases significantly. This is why growing affiliate programs has become a priority for most online merchants who want to grow their business. The challenge is finding the most efficient way to grow and scale your affiliate program. This is where affiliate networks and finding quality web publishers comes in.

An affiliate network is where affiliate program managers and web publishers connect with one another and share the goal of maximizing and monetizing campaign ads. An affiliate network is also a great way for affiliate program managers to get the support they need to manage a robust affiliate program. Publisher Finders wants to help you find the best affiliate publishers and influencers to join your ShareASale program. That is why in this blog post we are covering the affiliate network ShareASale and how it can help you.

What is ShareASale?

The affiliate network ShareASale is one of the fastest-growing affiliate marketing platforms, with over 21,100+ merchants and 241,000+ publishers. The proof is really in the numbers, as they state they have helped generate over 194 million dollars in sales in 2021 alone. It offers a host of affiliate resources. One popular service it delivers is geared to marketing and affiliate managers who are looking for web publishers, website owners, and brands in order to help match quality affiliates with affiliate programs. A host of brands rely on ShareASale to develop successful partnerships with companies, including Etsy, Reebok, and more.

How it Works

Both you, as the program manager, and the web publishers join the ShareASale network. By doing this, you are making your company’s products accessible to view for potential web publishers who want to work with you. From there, those web publishers will search the list available and find the companies that line up with what they love and have products they want to promote to their audience base. You can then build partnerships with the web publishers that are interested in you and the products of the affiliate program you manage. This creates a win-win situation for both you and the web publishers who join ShareASale.Publisher Finders understands how important it is for affiliate managers to find and recruit the best web publishers to work with. Publisher Finders strives to solve this problem by utilizing 15 years of experience and knowledge in ecommerce, digital marketing, and affiliate marketing to create its online affiliate database search tool. With our online database, you can connect with web publishers, influencers, and content creators who are looking to connect with affiliate programs like yours. You can even sign up for a FREE 14-day trial to try it out and see if you like it before you buy. What are you waiting for? Visit our website today to get started finding and recruiting web publishers for your affiliate program on ShareASale.

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