How To Grow Your Affiliate Program with Affiliate Networks

If you are an affiliate manager looking to grow your affiliate program, one of the most effective marketing strategies for achieving your goal is utilizing the best affiliate networks. Growing the affiliate program you manage is crucial if your mission is to maximize brand awareness, targeted leads, and sales for your companies. However, the hard part is finding the right affiliates to join your affiliate program. Publisher Finders understands this challenge and wants to help, which is why we are covering in this article, affiliate networks to grow your program.

How Affiliate Networks Help Grow Your Affiliate Program

What is an Affiliate Network?

An affiliate network is a platform that helps to connect you with affiliates, publishers, influencers, and content creators and can help promote the affiliate program that you manage. In an affiliate network, both you and the affiliate marketers, publishers, influencers, and content creators sign up to join the network. From there, the affiliates and publishers will have the opportunity to see the affiliate programs that are offered within the network that they may be interested in partnering with. Therefore, this is an excellent resource for you to consider in order to make the process of searching for new affiliates to join the program you manage much easier.

How Affiliate Networks Help Grow Your Affiliate Program

Through an affiliate network, it not only lightens the burden of the searching and affiliate recruiting processes, but it also makes the transactional process easier as well. All you have to do is keep the affiliate network funded, and the affiliate network will take care of the process of tracking sales and paying the affiliates their earned commissions.

Additionally, affiliate networks make the process of finding the right affiliates to work within your specific niche and target audience easier, as affiliates will be able to pick and choose the program, they want to join that fits within their brand and audience. Affiliate networks also make you more easily accessible and noticed by affiliates, as affiliate networks are the areas where affiliates are actively searching for new programs to work with.

Affiliate Networks to Consider

Now that you understand affiliate networks and how they can help you grow your affiliate program, here are a few affiliate networks you should check out:

  • CJ – An affiliate network company trusted by many of the largest brands out there
  • ShareASale – A fast growing affiliate marketing program
  • Impact – A partnership management platform to help you reach new affiliate

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