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How Your Business Can Attract More Sales and Leads with Effective Facebook Advertising Campaigns

How Your Business Can Attract More Sales and Leads with Facebook Advertising Campaigns
How Your Business Can Attract More Sales and Leads with Facebook Advertising Campaigns

How Your Business Can Attract More Sales and Leads with Facebook Advertising Campaigns

You got your business’s Facebook page up and running. You post some updates, advertise some special events, try out a few promos and deals for the month…but you’re just not getting the response you want. What’s wrong? If you want to use Facebook’s advertising potential to attract more customers and increase sales, you can leverage the popularity of this social media channel to do just that. But first, you may need to attract more visitors to your Facebook page.

The more people that see your Facebook page, the better, right? Well, yes and no. If you want to reach more potential customers through Facebook advertising, you will want more people to visit your page. The new page visitors, however, shouldn’t be random targets of your ads and promotions who may or may not be even slightly interested in what you have to offer – you goal should be to advertise to people on Facebook who have a good chance of becoming your next customers and repeat customers. And what’s great about Facebook advertising is that – with the help of an experienced Facebook advertising management agency – these future customers can be identified and reached with engaging ads and enticing offers. With more of the right kind of visitors to your Facebook page, you can acquire more customers, build customer loyalty, and advertise more effectively on social media. 

Who should you be advertising to on Facebook? If you want to get more Facebook visitors and engagement, you can advertise to target audiences made up of: 

Your existing databases – If you’re keeping a customer database, these people may be ready to make more purchases. If you have a lead database, these people may be ready to buy. You’ve got to reach out to them with effective Facebook ads, get them to visit your page and then direct them to your site or store. 

Website visitors who haven’t made a purchase yet – You can retarget these people with Facebook advertising too. Coupons, promotions, and deals that are offered on Facebook is a great way to reach out to these people and incentivize them to visit your site again, this time to make that purchase they were considering. 

People like your current customers – If you want to get more local customers, you can target more people in your area. If your customers have certain attributes, finding other people with those attributes can help you get more customers through Facebook. You’ll want to attract your ideal audience to your page, so finding these lookalike audiences can make your Facebook ad campaigns more effective and yield a greater overall ROI.  

At Experience Advertising, our social media marketing experience can be put to work for you. Once your desired audience is identified, we’ll help you select the best Facebook ads for your business. Static ads, video ads, or both can be used for advertising on Facebook. We’ll then boost your page posts to create audience engagement and help convert more of your Facebook visitors into loyal customers. 

Your Facebook page will also give you an opportunity to generate more leads and build up an impressive list of email subscribers, who you can then advertise to in the future. With more visitors to your business’s Facebook and other social media pages, you can create a loyal customer base and grow your business. 

At Experience Advertising, we help businesses advertise on Facebook with audience targeting, effective ads, boosted posts, and a focus on getting the best ROI and ROAS from each Facebook ad campaign. Contact us today for more information on our affordable Facebook advertising management services, or call: 954-662-8010 for a social media marketing consultation. Attract more visitors to your Facebook page with Facebook advertising strategies from Experience Advertising. 

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