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Impressive Affiliate Activity Growth on CJ Affiliate Network

Affiliate Marketer Growth on CJ Affiliate Network
Impressive Affiliate/Publisher Activity Growth on the CJ Affiliate Network

Hello there. Thank you for taking a look at this post. At Experience Advertising, we are dedicated to bringing our clients the very best results on the advertising platforms we manage for them. We have been managing affiliate program for our clients since 2007. This particular client is being managed on the CJ Affiliate Network , the largest affiliate network in the United States. We launched this brand/advertiser in May of 2020 and have steadily grown the total number of publishers and affiliates in the program, as well as steadily growing the number of participating affiliates and producing affiliates.

This brand now has nearly 140 individual publishers/affiliates that are either producing ad impressions, clicks, or sales. This is known as the overall participation rate in the affiliate program on Commission Junction (CJ). Overtime, as these KPIs increase, the number of sales and amount of revenue will increase proportionately. Needless the say the client is very happy with their initial results.

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