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Best Tool for Recruiting Affiliate Marketers
Best Tool for Recruiting Affiliate Marketers

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out this post. There’s an amazing new tool available for brands, advertisers, and merchants looking to find new affiliate marketers, web publishers, and influencers for their affiliate programs: Finding good affiliates, affiliate marketers, and publishers is one of the hardest parts of growing an affiliate program. Anyone that has attempted to grow an affiliate program knowns how difficult it is to recruit new, quality affiliates that are actually able to produce revenue. That’s exactly what Publisher Finders does.

When you log into Publisher Finders, you are able to search for affiliates, bloggers, influencers, and publishers by keyword, which is extremely valuable. This allows the affiliate manager to prospect by relevance of website content, which makes the affiliate outreach more effective. Another cool feature of Publisher Finders is the ability to create list of affiliates/publishers that you want to prospect and recruit as new affiliates. This is also extremely valuable so lists can be created, outreach conducted, and new affiliates landed.

Publisher Finders also shows you the social networks of all the publishers and affiliates in their database so you can checkout their social profiles and get a sense of how to approach them about become an affiliate or working with your company.

Another cool feature of Publisher Finders is how they save all your previous searches, so you can quickly revisit your recent or past searches and start going through affiliate/publisher profiles and reaching out to recruit them to work with your brand.

So therefore when you looking to really ramp up your affiliate recruiting to grow your affiliate program, you have to check our Publisher Finders. They give you a free trial of the product and then it’s pretty affordable for the affiliate data they allow you to access. It’s an invaluable tool to recruit new affiliates and publishers.

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