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One of the most essential aspects of a truly comprehensive digital marketing and online advertising strategy, is to have a really effective approach when it comes to "Online PR." Not PR in the traditional sense, i.e. a few magazine articles, local TV new pieces, and a mention in the newspaper here and there.

Those days are long gone. In this age of the digital and tech revolution, it's abundantly necessary to leverage the Internet and Social Media in particular to craft a robust, effective, measurable, creative, and forward-thinking online PR strategy.


At Experience Advertising, we have designed extremely effective, uber-modern, Online PR strategies that blanket your industry with a steady flow of company news, exciting promotions, valuable information, and engaging content, which will over time translate into a dramatic uplift in website traffic, audience growth, revenue growth, better customer retention, and ultimately a more profitable business.

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Here are some of the strategies we use with our clients to deliver cutting-edge Online PR. We typically utilize a 5-pronged approach including the following techniques:

  • Media Outreach and Relations - since PR has moved online, we implement outreach to our proprietary media databases to contact very targeted journalists, editors, writers, and other types of contacts in digital media, in your industry. Through our refined outreach process, we are able to identify and land amazing placements for our clients. Over time, having quality online publications posting about your company, not only brings in exposure and branding, but the inbound links will cause improved SEO rankings.
  • Influencer Outreach and Relations - working with our Influencer database, we focus on contacting and collaborating with all types of web-based and social media influencers. Bringing new influencers into the fold, promoting the company, is a major part of our online PR strategy for clients. We create amazing campaigns for our clients that are promoted by our influencers in ways specific to their audiences. If you are looking to work with Influencers, we can most definitely help to cultivate that channel for you.

  • Blogger Outreach and Relations - We also maintain an amazing database of bloggers in 1000's of niches and micro-niches. We work with bloggers, on behalf of our clients, in several ways. Some of the most common ways include: review posts, sponsored posts, unboxing posts, promotional posts, email newsletters, solo email campaigns, website/blog ad unit placements, sweepstakes promotions, and as affiliates of our clients. Stacking up blogger relationships is a great way to increase organic search saturation and well as increase quality inbound links.
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  •  Targeted Content - one of the most effective ways to build online PR and buzz for our clients is through content creation of various types. Believe it or not SEO is part of your online PR strategy because content needs to be created, in a ver proactive manner, on your website, so your website or blog is constantly growing larger and larger with more and more content. With a sustained article and bog posting strategy, we are able to saturate the search results with content that we are creating strategically for our clients. We typically leverage both on-site and off-site content posting strategies to build up organic traffic for our clients. And because we are controlling everything being post, we are able to take-over and dominate the client's niche and related niches. Its very much tantamount to "reputation management" and in general more effective since we are controlling the frequency/volume, writing optimization, and where it's being posted. Over time, this strategy is used to take over a niche, industry, service type, and location for a client depending on the project and what the goals are. We also utilize quality, SEO-optimized online press releases which, over time, are extremely effective for organic search engine saturation and generating traffic to a website.

At Experience Advertising, we take a lot of pride in running digital marketing campaigns that are measurable and produce great results. We also seeks to improve our processes over time, as well as improving our client's strategies so they are constantly evolving and being optimized. Every Online PR strategy that we implement is completely customized to the client's needs, their budget, and designed to meet their revenue goals.


Please let me us know if you would like to have a discussion about your future Online PR strategy or what a sample proposal would look like. Have a profitable day!

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So when you need a PR agency to handle your online public relations, blogger relations, influencer recruiting, influencer management, and blogger-influencer channel, make sure to contact Experience Advertising, Inc. - YOUR Influencer and Blogger Relations Agency. We can recruit bloggers, provide your bloggers with your promotions, and manage your bloggers and Influencers so they deliver traffic and revenue for you.

Contact us for a proposal regarding how to build up and manage your online PR, public relations, social relations, influencer relations, media relations, and more. We will reach out and make it happen for you. We look forward to hearing from you and getting your campaigns launched as quickly as possible. Have a wonderful and resourceful day!

We are YOUR Online PR Agency - Connecting You with the Right Digital Media, Social Influencers, and Bloggers, to promote your brand through content and publications. Contact Us today!

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