The Role of Incentives in Growing Your Affiliate Network

Incentives are essential when it comes to growing your affiliate program. You may be asking yourself how you can accomplish this ideal, and why is it important? Fret no more because Publisher Finders is going to answer all of your questions while also providing you with the tools and resources necessary to build your affiliate network.

To answer the first part of the question: How can you provide incentives to affiliates in your network? The answer is simple. There are 3 easy strategies to get you started on the right foot:

1. Offer commission bonuses for high sales

Commission bonuses for affiliates with high sales will make affiliates want to keep reaching those high sales rates. They know that there is a payoff for putting in the time and effort. It is a win-win for everyone.

2. Provide access to exclusive products and services

Access to exclusive products and services is going to make affiliates feel special. There is something very enticing about being able to have things that your customers, and nobody else for that matter, can have.

3. Consider offering non-monetary incentives such as recognition and rewards

It may seem simple enough to offer non-monetary incentives to your web publishers such as recognition and rewards. However, going back to the basics can be a good reminder that people respond positively to appreciation and recognition. 

To answer the second part of the question: Why is providing incentives to your affiliates important? Well, the answer is also quite simple. People want to feel as if their work is important, and they are being valued. Incentives are a way to ensure that your affiliates will keep performing at their best because they know that you are appreciating all that they do.

While building strong relationships with your affiliate web publishers is in itself a motivating incentive, letting your team know you acknowledge their participation and creativity is invaluable.

Be their coach, let them know that you are excited about providing them with the resources and strategies they need to create excellent content for their web audience. Doing so will be an essential element to a smooth-running affiliate program.  Building strong relationships is not as simple as it seems, but it also doesn’t have to be complicated.

1. Establish clear communication channels

Clear communication channels gets everyone on the same page and clarifies your program’s expectations. This will make them want to partner with you because they will know there are no tricks and secrets to the work they are doing. Affiliates want to do work that they are sure of and there is no easier way to make this happen than a clear communication channel.

2. Provide regular updates and support

Similar to non-monetary incentives like recognition and rewards, sales contests, updates, and affiliate management support are going to keep affiliates happy. Updates let them know how their work is contributing to the grander scheme, and supporting them means that they know you are just as much of a resource to them as they are to you.

Offering incentives doesn’t always mean that you don’t need to build relationships with your affiliates. The two go hand in hand. Often, working for someone who you know is a people person helps team members to keep the grind going.

Growing Your Affiliate Network

Try out these tips in your affiliate program and watch your program grow. To find and recruit qualified affiliates who are eager to join your program, head over to  Publisher Finders and start your FREE two-week trial TODAY!

Su Pang