This Easy-to-Use Tool Will Help You Find Publishers and Content Creators to Collaborate With

Best Tool for Recruiting Affiliate Marketers
Best Tool for Recruiting Affiliate Marketers

How are you promoting your brand? If you have all of the must-haves – a well-designed and mobile-friendly website, a good social media presence, consistent content – and you’re ready to focus on building up your promotional strategies, it may be time to level up and start working with affiliate publishers and content creators. Will publishers like influencers and affiliates help promote your brand better? It’s certainly possible.

As commerce has moved online and digital advertising has grown, those working in online spaces have valuable partners in marketing. Online platforms like social media sites have become places where brands can grow. Digital marketers have harnessed the popularity of not only social media and popular websites, but they’ve tapped into the talent on those sites and have been able to promote brands and businesses very successfully. Collaborating with content creators allows a brand to:

Reach a Target Audience

Maybe you want to get new customers, subscribers, or site visitors. Maybe you want to expand the customer base that you already have. Maybe you just want to keep the steady growth of your brand going this year. Whoever you’re looking to reach to achieve greater brand recognition and customer retention, they’re out there. And when advertising, sometimes a little exclusivity is a good thing. You don’t have to advertise to everyone. You can identify who your audience is (age, location, interests, and other demographics) and advertise directly to them. That way, your ads are going straight to the people who are most likely to act on them. Partnering with influencers, affiliates, and other content creators lets you get ads and promotional content right onto their social media feed. And since you can promote your brand more effectively through content creators who have audiences made up of the type of customers you want to reach, you can be sure that your ads are getting out to an interested audience.

Use Engaging Ads

If you’re trying to promote your brand with the best ROI possible, you don’t have the time or budget to waste on ineffective ads. Lackluster ads get ignored, and advertisements without the right placement can go unnoticed. Money wasted. But when you collaborate with publishers, you can use ads that speak to your target audience and succeed in capturing their attention. One, publishers already have an attentive audience. They check out what they post regularly. Two, publishers’ opinions are often valued by their audience. So, if an influencer promotes a product or brand, a percentage of their regular audience is likely to want to check it out too.  

Grow Exponentially

The goal of affiliate marketing through publishers is growth. Whether it’s growing your own audience or seeing the number of sales on your site go up each month. Growing a brand through influencer and affiliate marketing aims to do just that, at minimal cost and with a potentially great ROI on each ad and each partner. It all starts with finding the best content creators for your brand. That’s what we’re here to help you do. At Publisher Finders, we’ve created a database of relevant affiliates, influencers, bloggers, and other content creators who work with brands and businesses of all sizes. They’re ready to start promoting for you. When you become a Publisher Finders member, you can choose content creators you want to work with and easily reach out to them. Try out a FREE two-week trial membership today to sample our database,  or subscribe now to become an exclusive member. Find and recruit affiliates and publishers who can promote your brand with the Publisher Finders tool.

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