Top Qualities to Consider When Choosing an Ecommerce Marketing Agency

Choosing to work with a marketing agency can be one of the best decisions you’ll make for your ecommerce site or store this year. If you want to scale your business, build brand recognition and loyalty, and reach more customers, hiring an ecommerce marketing agency is a no-brainer. Choosing which marketing agency to work with, however, can be a little trickier.

When you link up with a marketing agency, it’s like any other type of partnership – it has to be a good fit. The qualities that you need in that partnership have to be there. And since your relationship with a marketing agency will be particularly goal-oriented, choosing the best ecommerce advertising agency for you should be your first priority. Knowing what to look for in a marketing agency can simplify the process of finding the right agency. Keep reading to learn some of the top qualities you should be checking for when you’re looking for an ecommerce marketing agency.

Proficiency Across Multiple Platforms

There are tons of advertising-friendly online platforms. There are more places than ever before to reach customers. And there are unique and creative ways to connect with an audience. The key is being on the best platform or platforms for your brand and then using the best types of ads on those platforms. A top ecommerce digital marketing agency will be proficient in managing ad campaigns across not just one but all of the popular online advertising platforms. A good agency should have experience advertising through Google Ads as well as social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Furthermore, they should be able to get a feel for your brand and determine which platforms will be the best platforms for your ads.

Prioritizes Website Function and Design

Ads are the primary focus of an ecommerce advertising agency, right? They are, but they’re only part of the ecommerce shopping experience. Of course, the ads have to be of good quality and relevance, and they have to be able to reach the right audience and then encourage them to take action. But, there’s another contributing factor to the success of an ecommerce marketing campaign: website performance. The ads that are run are intended to drive traffic back to a website or ecommerce storefront. That site or storefront has to be performing to its highest potential. A good site makes consumers feel confident throughout their shopping experience, whereas an underperforming site can actually drive potential customers away.

Your future ecommerce marketing agency should be skilled at conversion rate optimization. Conversion rate optimization uses user behavior data and A/B testing to improve a site’s performance. A site that is optimized is easier for consumers to use, which can often prompt more users to take action (making a purchase, signing up for emails, etc.) A good ecommerce marketing agency will also place importance on website design, making sure that your site looks its best, is user-friendly, and is up-to-date and in keeping with the latest professional standards. Since taking action on a site is the end-goal of ecommerce marketing, the right agency will recognize the importance of an optimized website.

A Client-Centered Approach

The best ecommerce digital marketing agency will work with you to create customized marketing strategies, taking your needs and goals into account and using their expertise to craft unique campaigns that align with your brand. Your industry/niche, your target audience, and your growth goals will all factor into how your ad campaigns should be run. The right agency will recognize your unique brand and work to promote it in a way that makes sense. Advertising platforms, types of ads, and marketing strategies should all reflect your brand’s individuality and help set you apart from the competition.

An agency that takes a client-centered approach will also make quality communication a priority. And that means through every step of the process. Most agencies will talk about goals and expectations at the beginning of the campaign, but a good ecommerce marketing agency will keep you informed throughout the entire campaign – giving updates, answering questions, discussing progress, and adjusting strategies as needed. Your time is valuable, and a good agency will understand that – they won’t keep you waiting and guessing but instead will schedule regular meetings and will have a team who is there for you whenever you need them.

A Focus on Transparency and Improvement

When you’re paying for advertising, you want to know where your ad budget is going. When you’re running new campaigns, you want to know how they’re doing. And when it comes to website traffic, conversions, and revenue – you want to know what’s going on. When choosing an ecommerce marketing agency, look for transparency. A good agency will provide clear and transparent reporting on all performance metrics. Having a good idea of how your ads are performing will let you make an informed decision about the next steps you can take.

A good ecommerce marketing agency will also keep a steady focus on improvement. They’ll strive to meet and surpass goals, and they’ll focus on what’s working and what can be done better. They’ll look at what is possible and how they can make each campaign a success. A good agency will use the latest technology, the most effective marketing strategies, and industry-best practices in ecommerce advertising.

Digital Marketing Agency

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