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Website Conversion Rate Optimization for Automotive Industry

Website Conversion Rate Optimization for Car Dealerships
Website Conversion Rate Optimization for Car Dealerships

If you sell cars, you probably know by now that having an online presence is a must in today’s ultra-competitive car dealership and automotive industry in general. But simply having a nice looking presence isn’t enough. You should be making the most of every opportunity to connect with, appeal to, and encourage consumer confidence in your future customers. That means optimizing your website’s conversion rate in every way possible to increase inquiries and leads from the traffic you are receiving. 

What does this mean for your auto dealership and your website? You and your business can benefit greatly from the conversion rate optimization services provided by an experienced digital marketing agency. You can get more interested customers from your advertising campaigns to contact you, stop by your location, leave their info, and – ultimately – buy cars, when you do the following with your website: 

Get a better-performing site

The difference between a non-optimized website and an optimized one can be like comparing an old car that barely runs to a brand-new car with all the bells and whistles. Don’t put up with the headache of an underperforming/ineffective website. Whether your site needs a new look, some search engine traffic-boosting subpages, call-to-action tools, or a few minor adjustments, conversion rate optimization from Experience Advertising is a smart idea regardless of how new or old your current website is. It’s always a great idea to improve the performance and speed of your current website.  

Be mobile-friendly

With 2 in 3 car shoppers using their mobile devices to locate or contact a dealership, smartphones are now a big part of the auto purchasing process. With a mobile optimized website, not only will people searching for car dealerships be able to find your site, we’ll make sure that your site is easily navigable on a mobile device and highly user-friendly. 

Add videos and other features

For today’s car buyer, getting a new car involves more than heading down to the nearest lot. According to, 92% of future car buyers research their options online before making a purchase — and instead of relying the old-fashioned test drive, today’s tech-savvy consumers are increasingly turning to “test drive” videos to inform their car-buying decision. Adding videos to your website, setting up a presence on YouTube and other social media sites, and adding other customer-friendly engagement tools to your site are all good ideas. When we at Experience Advertising help you optimize your site’s conversion rate, we’ll use the best customized strategies and traffic-converting tools for you.  

Remember to retarget website visitors and leads

Buying a new car isn’t exactly an impulse purchase (not usually, anyway.) Most people who want to buy a new or used vehicle do some research and spend a little time considering the purchase. So, just because a potential customer has left your site it doesn’t mean they’re gone for good. “Retargeting” your past website visitors is something you should be doing – retargeting ads and offers that reach out to past site visitors across the web are great reminders and may be just the incentive someone needs to go ahead and make that purchase they’ve been thinking about.  Experience Advertising can maximize your retargeting strategies, otherwise this high ROI digital marketing strategy won’t be leveraged properly.

At Experience Advertising, we help websites realize their full traffic conversion potential. You can reach more customers and increase your profits with our website conversion rate optimization services – contact us today to find out how. Get the best website conversion rate optimization services for the car dealerships and the automotive industry in general from Experience Advertising.  

Website Conversion Rate Optimization for Car Dealerships

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