Why You Need to Run Advertising Campaigns on Instagram

Why You Need to Run Advertising Campaigns on Instagram
Why You Need to Run Advertising Campaigns on Instagram

Why You Need to Run Advertising Campaigns on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. This social media site is used by people of all age groups every day, which has clued businesses and online marketers into Instagram’s advertising potential. Big brands and small businesses use Instagram to advertise to their ideal consumer audiences, promote products, offer deals, and stay on the cutting edge of online advertising through the use of visual ads and social media sharing.

With effective Instagram advertising strategies, you can grow your business or brand. You should be running advertising campaigns on this social media site because: 

You can find more customers on Instagram

Instead of waiting for people to find you, you can reach out to your perfect target audience on Instagram. Social media allows you to use customer/audience demographics to find more people who would make great future customers. Custom audiences and lookalike audiences can be advertised to, so that your ad campaigns are going where they’ll have the greatest impact. Instagram ads can be used with Facebook advertising campaigns too, and vice versa, so that you’re augmenting each social media ad campaign. At Experience Advertising, we’ll use the best social media advertising strategies to help you grow your customer base.  

You can retarget former customers and past site visitors

Sometimes people just need a reminder. If online searchers have visited your site in the past, or if you have a database of former customers, Instagram advertising campaigns let you reconnect with these people. The right Instagram ad can find these past site visitors and may be just the encouragement they need to return to your site and make the purchase they’d been considering. An effective Instagram ad can be the reminder your former customers were waiting for, and prompt them to order from you again. For the best retargeting ads for Instagram, our Instagram advertising management services can’t be beat. Our affordable Instagram advertising agency can help you retarget customers on social media to increase sales and profits.

You can advertise with unique and engaging ads

When given an image and text, most people will look at the image first, and then read what’s written beneath it. This is how Instagram ads work. They catch the eye and strike interest. When you advertise on this image-driven social media site, you can use photo and video as that are appealing to your customers and the perfect platforms for all types of products and services. 

If you’re not advertising on Instagram, you should start now. At Experience Advertising, we help businesses and brands advertise effectively and proactively across social media. Contact us today to get started on your new Instagram ad campaign, or call: 954-662-8010 to learn more about how Instagram advertising can benefit your business with a free social media marketing consultation. Run winning Instagram ad campaigns when you work with Experience Advertising.  

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