CJ Affiliate Program Management OPM Case Study – DTC and B2B Brand

Hello and thanks for checking out this post! One of our core services at Experience Advertising is affiliate program management or OPM services. We do manage on multiple affiliate platforms, both affiliate networks and inhouse affiliate programs, but our affiliate platform of choice is CJ Affiliate. In this CJ Affiliate program management (OPM) case study, one of our clients has show picture perfect affiliate-referred revenue growth over the last year and 1/2. Our agency launched this CJ Affiliate account from scratch and have grow it significantly over time. This brand sells both direct to consumers (DTC) and directly to businesses (B2B). In fact, year 2 it’s grow over 200% over what it did year 1 which is what you want to see from your affiliate/partner program.

CJ Affiliate Program Referred Sales Revenue Growth
CJ Affiliate Program Referred Sales Revenue Growth

As you can see from the above screenshot, revenue from affiliates/publishers to this brand grew over 200% annually. With affiliate programs, you want to see annual growth. This is only achieved by managing the affiliate account with the right affiliate management techniques which included:

  • Proactive Affiliate/Publisher Recruiting from CJ’s database of affiliates and publishers
  • Sending weekly affiliate/publisher newsletters that are friendly, helpful and contain promotions.
  • Following up with offers that were sent to prospective affiliates on the CJ network
  • Sending personalized follow up emails to all affiliates and publishers in the program on a frequent basis to have calls and provide support.

Only Experience Advertising can perform these types of affiliate management processes at the highest level. Other agencies and inhouse managers aren’t able to put forth the amount of sheer effort and work it takes to intensively manage their affiliate programs, which is why we are able to grow affiliate programs much faster and larger than other OPM or agencies.

Average order value increasing in the Affiliate Program
Average order value increasing in the Affiliate Program

In the above screenshot, you can see that the average order value (AOV) of the sales that affiliates are referring has steadily been increasing over time. That means that the sales affiliates are referring are larger in size now than in previous months, which means more revenue per order is coming in from the sales affiliates are referring. This is another KPI (key performance indicator) we look to grow over time.

Increase in the number of items sold per order from affiliate marketers
Increase in the number of items sold per order from affiliate marketers

In the above screenshot, you can see that the overall number of items sold by the merchant has increased quite a bit over time. This is another great KPI you want to see because it means that more individual products are selling across the board, that were referred by affiliate marketers and web publishers participating in this affiliate program.

Another great KPI in this CJ account is that this brand’s affiliate activation rate (the number of affiliates actually putting the brand’s ads up, driving clicks, or making sales) is more than 50% of the total affiliates/publishers in the entire affiliate program. This is a very important KPI to grow over time. The higher the rate of overall participation in the program, the more producers there will be in the affiliate program. It’s a proven fact!

This is a great example of what really intensive, effective OPM affiliate management on CJ will get you. That being said, you still have to do a really good job of converting your affiliate referred traffic, otherwise your affiliate program won’t gain traction. By implementing proactive affiliate recruiting, frequent affiliate messaging, and running great promotions, we were able to significantly grow this client’s CJ Affiliate account on an annual basis.

If you’re looking to grow your affiliate program to its fullest potential with targeted, relevant affiliates and publishers, contact us for a free evaluation. If you are looking to launch a new affiliate program for your brand, contact us to discuss if we are the right agency to make your affiliate channel a significant driver of new customers for your company.

This is an affiliate program management case study, on the CJ network, but we also manage affiliate programs on: Impact, Shareasale, Pepperjam, and inhouse networks.

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